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Language Assistance

Barstow Community Hospital serves a diverse community and prides itself on offering a variety of language assistance services to our non-English speaking and Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients and their families. In order to accommodate our community and eliminate the language and cultural barriers, the hospital offers the following services:

  • A communication system is available to all hearing impaired, visually impaired, and/or English speaking and non-English speaking patients.
  • The information provided to the impaired is translated in a manner that meets the patient’s needs.
  • Concerns of patients and visitors are welcomed and the patient/family has the right to express them without fear of future care being affected.
  • Qualified (defined as medically certified, competencies complete and on file in HR, and based on proficiency, assessment, education training and experience) hospital employees may provide translation. This includes language and signing.


  1. Non-English Speaking
    1. A multi-lingual Language Line phone service is available 24 hours a day. This service is staffed with medically certified translators. The Operator or Emergency Room staff is to be notified in order to access the service for communication. For routine services, Language Line Interpreter can be contacted at 800-874-9426, Client ID #201516. For emergency services, services are available at 800-523-1756, Client ID #201516.
    2. Available Auxiliary Services
      In-person Interpreters: The hospital has a contract with Pula Legal Interpreting Services, a service provider of qualified interpreters under the ADA and California Health and Safety Code, and will make all reasonable efforts to provide an in-person interpreter to patients and companions who are hearing impaired when necessary for effective communication.
  2. Hearing Impaired
    1. A TTY will be located in the Admitting Department and can be reached by calling 760-957-3185. This device is also portable and can be located at any bedside if necessary.
      • The Emergency Room staff/operator will be alerted to its activation by beeping or typing sounds on the line. Emergency Room staff will then be responsible for activating the TTY and acknowledging the caller.
      • Notification should be sent to the Charge Nurse by the nursing unit of a patient’s communication needs.
      • Signs will be posted at each pay phone to direct visitors for access to the TTY. The Emergency Room staff/operator will be responsible for ensuring that the proper equipment is available to the visitor.
      • If any problems arise with the TTY system, notify Ameriphone, Inc., 800-874-3005 (voice) or 800-772-2889 (TTY)
    2. Communications are available through the California Relay System at:
      Toll-free MCI/CRS operator:
      *Non-TTY Users call (calling by voice)
      *Spanish users
  3. Visually Impaired
    1. Consents/treatment decision documents will be read verbally to the patient prior to decision making (patients are encouraged to tape conversations for their records).
  4. Mail Services
    1. Mail services are available through any Barstow Community Hospital employee. The nursing staff is available to answer questions, provide assistance and acknowledge concerns.